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We strive to offer students a visit filled with noteworthy material; all of which is meant to create a dynamic and exciting, outdoors classroom out of what would otherwise be a run-of-the-mill tour.

Colonia Güell is a prime example of entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity towards the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th. This is a place where one can learn and understand our history as well as that of the genius that was Antoni Gaudi through the church (declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO).

Here we show you our educational visits and workshops available.

Educational visits

Several types of educational materials, ranging from books to notebooks adapted to the various stages of education, are at your disposal. We offer the following guided tours:

Guided tour around the Colonia and the Crypt
  • Pre-school
  • Elementary
  • Middle
  • High School
Innovation workshop and visit to the Crypt
  • Elementary
  • Middle
  • High School
'Trencadis' workshop and visit to the Crypt
  • Middle School
Themed visit
  • Pre-school

All of these are done in the secure and calm environment of the Colonia, a perfect setting for a different visit where students will be able to immerse themselves in a trip through the creativity and the innovation of the past centuries.

Download our educational dossier for more info


There exists the possibility of combining the visit with the following workshops:

Gaudí Workshop and the Magic of the Centenary Arc

Escuelas: Taller Gaudí y el arco centenarioThis tour is directed by a guide and is done in the rooms of the Center of Interpretation of the Colonia Güell.

From an educational perspective, participants will discover the constructive innovations of the catalan architect through an interactive visit. What is the difference between a romanic or a gothic arc? Students will be able to follow the construction of each one so as to understand Gaudi’s innovations.

After the workshop, with the same guide, the group will do a guided tour around Gaudi’s Crypt, where it’ll be able to see the aforementioned innovations in a practical environment.

Duration: 50” workshop
Capacity: Max 30 students per group. For bigger groups ask.
Languages: Catalan, Spanish, and French.

Trancadís Workshop

Escuelas: Taller Trancadís EThis visit is directed by a pottery expert and is done in the rooms of the Center of Interpretation of the Colonia Güell. The purpose of the workshop is to introduce participants into the technique of trencadis used by Gaudi from a theoretical and practical standpoint. They will also get to know the materials and tools used throughout the process. Once the workshop ends students will visit Gaudi’s Crypt to observe the result of applying the technique of trencadis.

During the workshop each student will make his own mosaic coaster.

Duration: 2h 00’, l, the visit can adapt to available time.
Capacity: Máximum 30 students per group. For larger groups, ask.
Languages: Catalan, Spanish, French, English, and German



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