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Corporate/Special Groups

The Colonia Güell boasts of several unique exterior and interior areas which are at the disposal of individuals, companies, and other entities to celebrate conferences, receptions, dinners, exhibitions, conventions, etc



We offer a wide variety of options when it comes to renting available areas; from standard renting to important acts where you could install different types of temporary constructions. Download the events document

Check out the catalog of luxury published by the Agència Catalana de Turisme where you can read about the Gaudí Crypt. Click here to access the catalog

Private acts can be finished with special guided tours.

For more information send an email to


Old Cellars

These are made up of two main spaces and 7 smaller modules. Se compone de dos espacios comunicados y siete módulos. Here we have a unique space characterized by its style.

Truly an area ideal for tastings, cocktails, and/or workshops.

Espacio Dimensiones Área m2 Teatro Escuela Mesa U Mesa Imperial Banquete mesas (8) Cocktail
Bodegas   187     por módulos por módulos 15 150
Meeting Rooms

Furthermore, on the top floor of the Center of Interpretation there are three meeting rooms. Any number of events can take place in these spaces.

Espacio Dimensiones Área m2 Teatro Escuela Mesa U Mesa Imperial Banquete mesas (8) Cocktail
Sala 1 Antoni Gaudí 7x8 56 60 30 28 28 6 60
Sala 2 Francesc Berenguer 4,4x7 30 30 16 20 20 3 30
Sala 3 Joan rubó 7x6 42 55 22 16 16 3 50
Sala 4 Josep Canaeta 7x4 28 36 15 10 10or módulos 3 30
Center of Interpretation

Here you'll find a permanent exhibition about the Colonia and its relevance as an industrial node (in the bottom floor) and Gaudi's Crypt (top floor, see below). Among the several things to be seen, the most noteworthy is a reproduction of Gaudi's polifonicular model.

Espacio Dimensiones Área m2 Teatro Escuela Mesa U Mesa Imperial Banquete mesas (8) Cocktail
Sala exposició 14x9 126 no no no no 6 100
Gaudi's Crypt

The crypt is composed by its interior, porch, and upper terrace. This area has been declared Wold Heritage Site with several restrictions to its use. Exterior areas can be used to celebrate light cocktail parties, presentations, press conferences, etc. However, the only acts allowed withing the actual church are religious acts related to the Catholic religion.

Espacio Dimensiones Área m2 Aforo
Porche y terrado Cripta Gaudí     300

Espacio Dimensiones Área m2 Aforo
Interior Cripta Conciertos y actos solemnes 250

Special Groups: private visits

Our program of guided tours is aimed at individuals, companies, and other entities that wish to use this opportunity to get to know Gaudi’s Crypt in an exclusive manner.

During summer we recommend that the guided tours be during the night as it will be considerably less hot. There is the additional possibility of dining at a local restaurant.



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